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Our copyright attorneys handle a broad spectrum of copyright matters. We work to immerse ourselves in our clients' original content whether it be software, media, entertainment, art, or thought leadership that is shared digitally or physically. We can help protect rights and negotiate licenses and releases. Our litigators can put infringers on notice and take next steps if warranted. As a result, we not only counsel our clients, but provide advice and personalized strategies that deliver optimal outcomes.

In order to help clients protect their creative work, both domestically and internationally, our lawyers can:

  • Advise on compliance with Copyright Office practices and procedures
  • Monitor and enforce copyrights
  • Negotiate licenses necessary to growth and success
  • Adapt and apply copyright protections in cyberspace
  • Defend copyrights in court
  • Identify and manage the taxation issues of transactions involving copyrights
  • Advise and represent clients in litigation regarding copyrights
  • Negotiate favorable outcomes with internet image copyright trolls

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Representative Matters

Representative Matters

  • AI Company in Copyright Litigation

    Nutter represented a company that develops AI solutions for a wide range of commercial applications in copyright litigation against a former business partner. The firm prepared a strong non-infringement case based on a deep analysis of the software’s source code. The case settled favorably shortly before trial.

  • German Information Services Company

    Nutter advised a German information services company about risk factors associated with making automated use of third-party technical content in databases for purposes of enabling call center support.

  • IT Company

    Nutter negotiated an IT company’s software licenses for commercial mobility devices, which allow military and governmental security models the capability to create secure connections and data transfer for multiple environments.

  • SaaS Platform and Mobile Application Company

    Nutter drafted a user agreement for a SaaS platform and accompanying mobile application specific to the event planning and hospitality fields, which involved providing privacy/data protection advice and guidance about user-generated content copyright liability risks.

  • Software company in intellectual property litigation

    Nutter represented a software company that sued a Fortune 100 computer hardware, software, and services company for copyright infringement, breach of license agreement, and breach of contract (among other causes of action) as a result of unauthorized copying and use of the client’s software to design and develop a competing product. Nutter defeated the motion to dismiss. The firm architected and executed a discovery strategy that revealed a weakness in the opposing party’s case. The case settled very favorably shortly thereafter.

  • Software Developer

    Nutter prepared and negotiated a master services agreement and subsidiary agreements for a software developer under which the client both developed software for a multinational company and also retained and licensed certain core software.

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