Our Values

Dedicated to Making a Difference

We believe in the simple yet powerful idea of putting the client first. We also believe that each and every client is different, with unique circumstances, priorities, and values. We are committed to bringing our legal expertise to bear in a way that is contextual and that best meets the particular needs of each client. This is what drives us. Clients continually trust our ability to use the right resources at the right time, for the right amount of time. This individualized approach extends to everything we do--from our commitment to diversity and inclusion to our community outreach to our shared expectations about the respect and care owed to our clients, colleagues, and community. 

  • Our distinguished history sets the tone for how we practice law and serve our clients to this day.

  • Nutter’s vision of professional excellence and dedicated client service has guided the firm since its co-founding in 1879 by Louis D. Brandeis.

  • Diversity fosters the highest quality legal service, the strongest client relationships, and the broadest community involvement.

  • We are committed to social justice and progressive social causes.


We earn your business by understanding it. 

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