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Steven Saunders and Greg Sturm Comment on Potential Complications of AI Creations in the Boston Business Journal

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Steven Saunders and Greg Sturm, chair and of counsel, respectively, in Nutter’s Intellectual Property Department, weighed in on who should get credit for work created through generative AI in the Boston Business Journal. In the article, “Advanced AI Prompts New Questions Over Intellectual Property,” Steven and Greg said, “Generative artificial intelligence, and other similar AI models, are being trained using copious amounts of data. The availability and quality of this training data has a significant effect on the accuracy of the AI model’s output. For this reason, generative AI often uses training data comprised of large, publicly available datasets.”

Steven and Greg continued, “Unfortunately, these large datasets often contain work produced by authors and artists who have a legal right to protect their work from being used by others without consent. One of the most pressing questions is how do we strike a balance between protecting existing work product and allowing AI models to conceive new ideas derived in part from this protected work. Our answer could reshape intellectual property rights for the foreseeable future.”

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