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Ken Berman Presents on Witness Preparation Strategies at ALI CLE Webinar

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Ken Berman, a partner in Nutter’s Litigation Department, will present on witness preparation strategies in a webinar organized by the American Law Institute Continuing Legal Education (ALI CLE). Ken’s session, Reinventing Witness Preparation: New Models and Strategies to Improve Your Case, will provide an in-depth analysis of how conventional witness preparation can handicap your case. Learn about new models and strategies to produce much more effective answers and to equip your clients and witnesses to gain the upper hand in depositions and on cross.

Turn witness testimony into your most effective litigation tool with the new model and preparation strategies this course will show you, including:

  • How to teach witnesses ways to give well-informed truthful answers that avoid pitfalls lurking in the questions
  • How to enable witnesses to answer ambiguous questions and yes-or-no questions in ways that support the theme of the case
  • How to empower witnesses to testify so the factfinder understands the testimony as the witness meant it to be understood
  • How to protect witnesses from perils that conventional methods of witness preparation fail to prevent and often magnify
  • How to prepare witnesses so they can earn the factfinder’s trust, build credibility, and prevail

Event details:
Thursday, October 12, 2023
12-1:15PM ET

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