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Nutter Attorneys to Participate in the 20th Annual Walk to the Hill

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On January 24, 2019, Nutter attorneys will participate in the 20th annual Walk to the Hill to urge lawmakers to protect state funding for programs that provide civil legal aid to low-income Massachusetts residents. Associate Valerie Moore served as the firm’s leader this year. Nutter has supported Walk to the Hill since its inaugural year.

As they prepared for this year’s event, Nutter attorneys discussed the impact of Walk to the Hill and the reasons why they are calling on state lawmakers to ensure equal access to justice:

Q: Why do you walk?

Deb Manus (Managing Partner): I walk because in a free society access to justice shouldn’t be conditioned on income. I participate in Walk to the Hill every year because it’s important to remind our legislators that funding legal aid is a smart investment.

Valerie Moore (Associate, Real Estate): I walk because so many litigants in the trial court are still pro se. In Housing Court, as many as 93% of tenants are unrepresented. In Probate and Family Court, it’s an estimated 50 to 75% of all litigants.

Ritika Bhakhri (Associate, Litigation): I walk because it is our shared responsibility to ensure equal justice for all.

Guru Laxmikanthan (Technical Specialist, Intellectual Property): I participate in Walk to the Hill because it’s important to enable equal justice and equal access to law for all people regardless of income.

Q: How does Walk to the Hill create such an impact in the Commonwealth?

Kate Henry (Associate, Corporate and Transactions): Walk to the Hill is successful because the sheer impact of having so many lawyers asking for assistance is crucial – strength in numbers!

BBA Week posted an article about Nutter's participation in Walk to the Hill.

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