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Michael Mooney quoted in “Tax law changes create business opportunities”

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Boston Business Journal

Michael Mooney, managing partner of the firm, was quoted in “Tax law changes create business opportunities” in the Boston Business Journal on April 22. The article discusses the temporary changes to the federal tax codes that are affecting individuals and businesses.

“We’re finding that a lot of small businesses are afraid to hire new people because they’re not sure they can afford it,” said Michael Mooney. “And that stems from uncertainty, and that uncertainty (includes) tax code issues. A small-business person wants to predict with certainly what not only this year will mean but also what the upcoming years will mean. Taxes are part of that.”

“What most small businesses are looking for today is predictability and certainty in the tax code so they can plan,” he said. “But people don’t know what to do. We have this two-year legislation, and (after it expires) we could fall off a cliff or we could have a bridge across the river. We don’t know.”

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