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Melissa Sampson McMorrow presents “Structuring Your Edtech Startup”

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Melissa Sampson McMorrow, chair of the Tax Department, presented at the LearnLaunch “Across Boundaries: From Digitizing Past Practice to Personalized Learning” conference on January 21. Melissa served as facilitator on the “Structuring Your EdTech Startup” panel, which focused on creating a legal structure when starting an edtech organization and thinking through the relationship between customers and channels and company structure. Topics included: 

  • Understanding the differences between 501c3s, C Corps, LLCs and Benefit Corps 
  • Learning about the interaction between structure and employee motivation and customer acceptance 
  • Understanding the impact of your legal structure on your funding options

LearnLaunch Institute is a non-profit dedicated to increasing student achievement through the adoption of digital technologies. The LearnLaunch “Across Boundaries” 4th annual conference, co-sponsored by Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard Business School, aimed to promote dialogue about digital learning and examined the following question: “Are we digitizing past practice or moving toward personalized learning?” The conference brought together a diverse set of voices to discuss the most challenging questions facing teachers and the edtech industry today.

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