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Ken Berman To Conduct Witness Preparation MCLE Webinar

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Ken Berman, a partner and co-chair of the Business Litigation practice group at Nutter, will present his pathbreaking witness preparation techniques in an MCLE webinar, “Witness Preparation the Better Way: Unlocking the Secrets to Testimonial Success". Ken’s approach teaches witnesses how to use questions from experienced opposing counsel to get their stories out in ways that build likability, trust, and credibility with the factfinder and support the theme of the case. Between an experienced cross-examiner and the witness, the conventionally prepared witness is typically at a disadvantage and the cross-examiner has the upper hand. Ken will show how witnesses, if prepared in a more enlightened way, can reverse that dynamic, avoid the interrogator's traps, and get the upper edge in spheres that matter: content, theme development, style, and persuasion.

Ken is the author of the ABA best-selling book Reinventing Witness Preparation: Unlocking the Secrets to Testimonial Success, which teaches his forward-thinking approach to preparing witnesses. Ken also writes a regular column for Litigation, the ABA’s flagship quarterly litigation journal, in which he challenges assumptions and conventional wisdom about litigation and the justice system, suggesting solutions to things most lawyers are unaware might need fixing.

Event details:
Wednesday, November 3, 2021
9:30AM-12:30PM EST

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