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Jeremy Halpern Weighs In on Food-Based Startups in The Boston Globe

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Jeremy Halpern, a partner in Nutter’s Food and Beverage Group and the Director of Business Development for the firm’s Emerging Companies Group, was quoted extensively on food-based startups in The Boston Globe. In the article, “For companies with a food focus, Boston is fertile,” Jeremy comments on how he has seen the pace quicken in the funding landscape in Boston the past two years. He notes that there’s not only new funds being created pretty rapidly, there’s also some of the existing funds pivoting. Jeremy, who launched his own food-focused angel fund called Edible Ventures, points out that while margins for food businesses can be small, hitting on a promising consumer product can prove fruitful, in part because global food players like Campbell Soup, General Mills, and Kellogg’s have all opened their own venture arms within the last year in the hopes of scooping up smaller brands. According to Jeremy, there’s something very tangible about investing in an actual consumer good. “We are still monkeys. We like to pick up things and peer at them and hold them and shake them. There is something enormously satisfying about investing in a product that you see in a store and getting to say, ‘I own a piece of that.’”

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