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Non-Competes and Other Restrictive Covenants: The Latest Updates and Recommendations for 2024

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Join Nutter’s Labor, Employment and Benefits team for a panel discussion of key changes to the laws governing non-compete clauses and guidance as to best practices. Topics will include:

  • The Massachusetts Noncompetition Act five years in: the impact so far and open questions that remain
  • New state legislation in California, New York, and elsewhere, and their effect on agreements around the country
  • Update on the continued efforts by the FTC, NLRB and federal government to curtail the use of non-compete agreements
  • Practical strategies for growing companies and multi-state employers on maintaining non-compete, non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements


  • Natalie Cappellazzo
  • Emily Grannon Fox
  • Christopher Lindstrom
  • Liam O'Connell
  • David Rubin

Event details:
Wednesday, January 10, 2024
12-1PM ET

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