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Jeremy Halpern Presents at the Fourth Annual Harvard-UCLA Food Law and Policy Conference, Reports The Harvard Crimson

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Jeremy Halpern, a partner in Nutter’s Food and Beverage Group and the co-chair of the firm’s Emerging Companies Group, was featured in The Harvard Crimson's round-up of the Fourth Annual Harvard-UCLA Food Law and Policy Conference. His panel, "Keys to Survival as an Innovator in the Food Regulatory System" discussed how current food regulation policies deter small businesses from entering the food industry as class-action lawsuits are increasingly brought against them. The article, “Experts Explore Challenges in Food Regulation Policy,” summarized the conference and quoted Jeremy on the impact the growing demands of food information have had on the industry. According to Jeremy, there is a tension between sufficient information to make good choices and driving people to this place where no amount of information is over-information. “We are in a strange environment now because much of the regulation that was intended to drive consumer information, to drive people's ability to choose wisely, is now actually inhibiting their ability to get better food,” Jeremy said.

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