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Webinar: Navigating the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP): One Week Later

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April 6 SBA Paycheck Protection Program FAQs

Nutter team members will bring you up-to-date on the most recent guidelines on the implementation of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), answer frequently asked questions we have been receiving from prospective lenders and borrowers, and then address questions from participants.

Topics include:

  • PPP Eligibility
    Counting Employees, PPP Affiliation Rules, Special Considerations for Churches and Other Faith-Based Organizations
  • Calculating “Payroll Costs” for 2019 (or Other Prior Period)
    Applying $100,000 Cap, Needed Documentation
  • PPP Debt Forgiveness
    Applying 75/25 Rule to Payroll Costs and Other Eligible Expenses, Limitation on Payroll Tax Relief when Participating in PPP Debt Forgiveness
  • Loan Terms
    Interest Rate, Deferral Period, Loan Maturity
  • Special Considerations for Real Estate Companies
    Management Companies
  • Special Considerations for PPP Lenders
    Level of Review of PPP Loan Application, Churches and Other Faith-Based Organizations, Level of Review of Forgiveness Application, Optional SBA Repurchase of “Expected Forgiveness Amount”

Paul Ayoub
Tom Curry

Mike Krebs
Melissa Sampson McMorrow

Event details:
Monday, April 6, 2020

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