Trending news features Jeremy Halpern in “Distilling your Business Plan into a VC Pitch”

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Jeremy Halpern, a partner in the Business Department and the Director of Business Development for the Emerging Companies Group, was featured on in “Distilling your Business Plan into a VC Pitch” on August 8. The blog post discusses Jeremy’s recent presentation, “Lunch & Learn: Business Plans | Think, Plan, Test & Rethink your Approach,” at the WorkBar Lunch and Learn Series on July 13.

Jeremy led a discussion on turning a business plan into a successful pitch and identified where in the process startups fall short and lose focus, as well as where the most common mistakes are made. He noted that a pitch should capture the essence of a business plan: how to solve a problem in the marketplace in a sustainable and scalable way.

The Workbar Lunch and Learn series is a bi-weekly program designed to connect and educate professionals from every industry on a variety of topics and is open to members and non-members alike.

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