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Natalie Choate publishes “Do’s and Don’ts of RMDs”

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Morningstar Advisor
June 2008
Natalie Choate, a member of the firm’s Trusts and Estates practice, published “Do’s and Don’ts of RMDs” in the Spring issue of Morningstar Advisor. The article offers 10 strategies to help clients maximize the value of their IRAs once they begin taking required minimum distribution (RMDs)—and sometimes even before. The strategies include: find the best way to pay investment management fees; be careful with hard-to-value assets; evaluate postponing the first year’s RMD; be wise about withholding income taxes; distribute assets in kind; take RMD early, or late, in the year; get rid of aftertax money; stop RMDs legally by converting an IRA to a Roth IRA or rolling the IRA into a QRP at a company where the participant is still working; follow these rules for rollovers and RMDs; and take extra distributions when feasible.
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