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Deb Manus Discusses the Evolving Legal Profession on NECN’s ‘CEO Corner’

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Deborah J. Manus, Nutter’s managing partner, appeared on NECN’s “CEO Corner” to analyze the changing legal landscape on December 11. In the opening segment, “Legal Business,” Deb and the panelists discussed trends in the legal community, the benefits of staying independent, Nutter’s branding initiative, and the unique ways that the firm serves its clients.

Deb noted that because of shifts in pricing and the market, doing business with large clients has increased. She pointed out that on the value front, the firm has been going out to clients asking them how they define value. In particular, the firm has been doing formal client interviews to determine what clients think is important in legal services and then modifying the firm’s product based on the clients’ response. According to Deb, listen to what clients are looking for and then align your team to get the clients what they need.

In the second segment, “Diversifying Law,” she and the panelists analyzed how to retain more women and minority partners and how Nutter invests in these initiatives. In the third segment, “The Future of Law,” Deb and the panelists evaluated whether they would advise people to go to law school.

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