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BBJ publishes Executive Profile on Nutter Managing Partner

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The Boston Business Journal (BBJ) published an Executive Profile featuring Deborah J. Manus, the firm’s managing partner, on October 17. The profile focuses on Deb’s background and her leadership style, which has allowed her to push things forward while recognizing the firm is a long-standing institution.

Deb notes that she feels well-suited for the role as managing partner given her experience as a trusts and estates attorney. She points out that both roles require a combination of vision, collaboration and peacemaking. “I work with families and I’m used to taking the long view on planning and I get to that to do in the firm,” she said. “It takes a village. It’s not just me doing anything. If just I tried to do something without having everyone on board, it wouldn’t happen.”

When discussing her long-term vision for Nutter, Deb discusses the firm’s focus on providing value to its clients. “They’re all going to define it differently. ‘I know value when I see it.’ Our goal is to get out there and provide it however they’re defining it. It isn’t always the old metric of the billable hour,” she said, adding that she has been reaching out to clients to gauge their experience working with Nutter. “Clients want to have confidence in our teams.”

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