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Jeremy Halpern Discusses Cap Tables in The Entrepreneur Forum Webinar

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Jeremy Halpern, co-chair of Nutter’s Emerging Companies Group and co-lead of the firm’s Food and Beverage group, will present on how to build and manage cap tables in a webinar organized by The Entrepreneur Forum. In the session, “Own Your Numbers: Understanding Cap Table and Dilution,” Jeremy will explain terms and show the exact numerical consequences of these difficult negotiating points:

  • pre-money
  • fully diluted equity
  • option pool
  • percentage ownership
  • weighted average anti-dilution
  • full ratchet anti-dilution
  • per share price

During the workshop, attendees will also learn how to build their own capitalization table in a simple, but powerful spreadsheet. Jeremy will discuss in detail how to use this tool to understand the dilutive impact of various investment decisions, featuring the real life experiences of a female founder, such as:

  • stock options
  • restricted stock
  • early stage angel or venture capital investment
  • down-rounds
  • anti-dilution provisions

Event details:
Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2023
1-3PM ET

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