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BIZ+BITES LUNCH SERIES | Co-manufacturing for High Growth Startups: Mastering the Supply Chain

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High-growth food and beverage companies frequently rely on critical supply chain partners. Relationships with these contract manufacturing partners can be a critical part of ensuring a brand’s success – but they can also be a recipe for disaster. During periods of systemic disruption, like many have experienced with the COVID-19 pandemic, these partnerships can become critical control points for failure.

Join us for this webinar with William Madden, Ph.D., co-founder of Whole Brain Consulting, and Jeremy Halpern, partner and co-chair of Nutter’s Food and Beverage group, to discuss legal and practical responses for brands experiencing disruption with their raw material suppliers, co-manufacturing partners, warehousemen, logistics agencies, carriers, and merchandisers.

Event details:
Monday, February 7, 2022
12-1PM EST

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