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Jeremy Halpern presents at WorkBar’s “Lunch & Learn: Addressable Markets for High Growth Businesses seeking Angel/Venture Capital”

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Jeremy Halpern, a partner in the Business Department and the Director of Business Development for the Emerging Companies Group, presented at WorkBar’s “Lunch & Learn: Addressable Markets for High Growth Businesses Seeking Angel/Venture Capital” on August 24. The Workbar Lunch and Learn series is a bi-weekly program designed to connect and educate professionals from every industry on a variety of topics and is open to members and non-members alike. In this program, focused on early stage entrepreneurs, Jeremy led a discussion on how to articulate the nature of target customers and how to determine market size and go to market strategy. He also discussed how to generate reliable data for market metrics and whether or not your market size is the right kind of deal for angel and venture capital.

In addition, the program included several topics aimed at helping high growth entrepreneurs:

  • Understand potential and addressable markets
  • Figure out the size of your opportunity 
  • Identify initial target market segments and market share
  • Identify penetration issues
  • Understand why industry numbers are your worst enemy
  • Understand the financing to market size connection

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