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Nutter Investment Advisors


With over $1 billion in funds under management, the guidance and expertise of Nutter Investment Advisors helps more and more people reach their critical financial aspirations. Each and every client benefits from a highly-personalized approach, both in selecting appropriate investments and in providing special attention to every detail. Through our in-depth understanding of every financial situation, we remain committed to tailoring an investment strategy that meets specific goals for financial security, family, philanthropy or other interests.

Our Team

E. Barnes M. Abbott, member and manager of NIA Partners, LLC, the general partner of Nutter Investment Advisors, was a member of Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP's Investment Department for fifteen years prior to joining Nutter Investment Advisors at its inception. On behalf of the firm, he works closely with investment professionals from many organizations researching and analyzing securities and the financial markets. With over thirty-five years of experience in developing investment strategies for institutions and individual clients, he also exercises supervisory responsibility for all aspects of the firm's investment operations. Mr. Abbott is a graduate of Harvard College.

Edward Dinaro, CFP, Senior Portfolio Manager, joined Nutter Investment Advisors in 2000. His responsibilities include equity research and the management of financial assets for institutions and individual clients. With over thirty years of investment and financial planning experience, he formerly held the positions of Investment Officer and Trust Manager for the Milford National Bank (Milford, Massachusetts) following a position at BayBanks as Vice President of the Trust and Private Banking division. Ed previously held positions at Paine Webber and Prudential Securities in New York as an investment executive. A graduate of New York University School of Business, Ed is a Certified Financial Planner.

Vijay V. Naidu, CFA, joined Nutter Investment Advisors in 2015 as a Portfolio Manager. Vijay was previously employed at Palmer Dodge Advisors LLC as an Investment Advisor for 10 years where he was responsible for managing portfolios, equity research, and trading. From 1993-2005, Vijay was a Portfolio Manager and Analyst at Testa, Hurwitz, & Thibeault, where he managed portfolios with varying asset allocations, researched companies, derived valuations, and executed trades. Vijay holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Northeastern University and a Master of Science in Finance from Boston College. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a member of The Boston Security Analysts Society and the CFA Institute. Vijay serves on the Board of Directors of Kodai Friends International.

James C. Bacon, CFA, joined Nutter Investment Advisors in 2017 as a Portfolio Manager.  James has over eighteen years of institutional investment management experience with responsibilities including portfolio management, asset allocation, client relationship management and equity research.  He was previously Managing Director at The Farland Group, where he managed client accounts and relationships, developed the firm’s investment process and philosophy and oversaw asset allocation and equity research as a member of the Investment Committee.  His prior experience also includes positions as Chief Investment Officer of Granite Harbor Asset Management, LLC, Director of Research at Crestwood Advisors, LLC, Equity Research Analyst at MFS Investment Management and Equity Research Associate at Eaton Vance Management.  James is a Chartered Financial Analyst as well as a member of the Boston Security Analysts Society and the CFA Institute.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Boston College and an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.            

Investment Philosophy
At Nutter Investment Advisors, we are proud of our results, proving that careful, time-tested investment principles never go out of style. We seek consistent, long-term growth as well as current income by investing primarily in the common stocks of large, established companies with sound fundamentals and leading market shares. We believe in broad diversification across economic sectors to mitigate dramatic price swings in specific industry segments of the market.

We base decisions on a thorough review of information, never on hunch or hype. In particular, we favor companies with strong management teams, prospects for above-average earnings growth, and strong balance sheets. These fundamentals are the primary basis for our investment decisions. We are attentive to valuations and strive to identify suitable common stocks selling at reasonable prices relative to their growth prospects.

We believe in the merits of a balanced portfolio of common stocks and high-grade fixed income securities. While we expect stocks to generate greater returns in the long run, an allocation to bonds moderates risk and provides a dependable stream of income. We typically recommend an allocation of 65-80 percent of assets to common stocks, and rarely less than 50 percent. For clients who prefer, we manage the fixed-income portion of a portfolio alone, or the equity portion alone and are comfortable remaining fully-invested.

We are long-term investors. We do not attempt to time short-term price fluctuations. We do, however, strive to anticipate longer-term trends and modify the emphasis given to equities and fixed-income instruments to optimize total return. Consistent with our long-term approach, turnover is relatively low, generally averaging less than 20 percent of total assets annually. In addition, our separate account management approach usually provides greater tax efficiency than is the case with mutual funds.

Client Objectives
When our investment managers work with you to determine your optimal investment strategy, we take a big picture view.

We seek to understand your need for current income, your desire for long-term capital appreciation, and your tolerance for risk. Just as important, we look beyond investment basics to your interests and goals. Are you planning for a retirement of travel and adventure? Investing proceeds from the sale of a business? Building financial security for future generations? Funding philanthropic or cultural initiatives?

The right investment strategy for you is prudent, realistic, and consistent with both your short-term needs and long-term financial goals. We will work with you to create and implement this strategy. We will regularly review it and, should your goals change, make appropriate adjustments. And, of course, we routinely work with our clients' attorneys and other professionals to address any applicable tax or estate planning consideration.

Investment Professionals
The investment professionals of Nutter Investment Advisors create value by providing the clear, logical connection between your unique goals and the appropriate investments that will help to achieve those goals.

With decades of experience, all members of the team are experienced in both client account management and securities analysis. Our personnel tap numerous sources of company data as well as industry and economic measures to determine recommended securities and asset allocations.

For some clients we provide an educational role as well, helping them better understand the dynamics of the financial markets and the opportunities and risks involved in investing.

Most importantly, we believe in building long-term trusting relationships based on open, honest communication. In some cases families have relied on our guidance for several generations. With this long-term approach, we have every motivation to offer sound investment guidance that avoids investment fads and other risky, shortsighted approaches.

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