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Law360 publishes “Product Liability In 2014: What Did And Didn’t Happen?” by David Ferrera

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Law 360 called upon Nutter’s Product Liability and Toxic Tort Litigation practice group for Expert Analysis in its December 22 publication “Product Liability in 2014: What Did And Didn’t Happen?”. The article was authored by David Ferrera, chair of the firm’s practice group. David takes a look back at Law 360’s “Product Liability Cases to Watch in 2014” and analyze how courts and regulators ultimately left unresolved critical underlying issues in product liability law with potentially substantial legal repercussions, particularly in the areas of class certification and liability for food product and medical device defects. The article concludes that as we consider “Product Liability Cases to Watch in 2015,” companies and practitioners alike should be mindful that they may not always obtain the clarity they want from a complex and ever-changing legal system.

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