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A Thoughtful Approach to Trademarks is Important for Food and Beverage Companies: Insights from Nutter’s Pat Concannon

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| Legal Update

Patrick J. Concannon, a partner in Nutter’s Intellectual Property and Business Departments, weighed in on the importance of trademarks in the food and beverage industry in Nutter Insights. Pat analyzed how trademarks come into play when a food and beverage company launches, why trademarks are important to potential investors and acquirers, why it is important to police a brand, common missteps that food and beverage companies make, and whether a trademark filed in the United States extends to worldwide protection. According to Pat, when a potential investor or acquirer is doing due diligence on a business, they want to see that trademark applications are filed for the company name and important product names, and that appropriate domain names are registered.

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