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The Wall Street Journal quotes Natalie Choate in “Is a Roth Account Right for You?”

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Natalie Choate, a member of the firm’s Trusts and Estates Department, was quoted by The Wall Street Journal in “Is a Roth Account Right for You?” on December 19. The article offers tips on how to choose between a Roth account and a traditional account. The plans vary considerably with the biggest difference being that with traditional IRAs and 401(k) plans, savers contribute pre-tax dollars and owe tax at ordinary income rates on withdrawals made after age 59 1/2. Savers using Roth IRAs and Roth 401(k) plans put after-tax dollars instead of pretax ones into their accounts and thus forgo a valuable upfront tax break, although they get tax-free withdrawals of assets after age 59 ½.

“Roth accounts are wonderful to have, but not if the price of admission – taxes – is too high,” said Natalie.

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