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Nutter Ranks No. 1 on National Survey for Lawyer Satisfaction for Unprecedented Fifth Consecutive Year

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Nutter ranked first in the nation for associate lawyer satisfaction for the fifth year in a row, in the annual survey conducted by The American Lawyer, a leading national trade publication. Holding this rank for five consecutive years is unprecedented.

This year’s survey was based on responses from 5,638 third-, fourth-, and fifth-year associates at 129 law firms from around the world. Nutter earned a perfect score in five categories including level of interest of the work, interaction with partners, associate relations, attitude towards pro bono work and overall rating of the firm as a place to work.

“At Nutter, we’ve always believed that encouraging teamwork and mutual respect creates a climate in which associates are highly engaged in serving our clients and in their careers, generally. We think this directly translates into a higher level of career satisfaction,” said Deborah Manus, co-managing partner of Nutter. “We make our associates an important part of our client service teams. We also make it a priority to invest in our associates through training, and the care we put into formal and informal mentoring. In the end, the firm, our attorneys, and most importantly, the clients we serve benefit.”

Key to Nutter associates’ satisfaction is an open organizational structure based on ensuring that associates have access to senior-level guidance, do meaningful work, and have a clear vision for their future at the firm.

“The development of associates as attorneys and as members of the ‘Nutter team’ is a top priority for the firm,” said Johanna Wise Sullivan, a midlevel associate at Nutter. “Nutter is exceptional in a number of ways, particularly with respect to the efforts that partners make in mentoring associates, the breadth of experiences that associates gain early on in their legal careers, and the value placed on the contributions that associates make to serving the firm’s clients.”

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