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Law360 Names Nutter as One of the 100 Best Law Firms For Female Attorneys

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Nutter ranked as one of the 100 Best Law Firms For Female Attorneys in Law360's second annual list. Nutter was among the firms bucking the findings of Law360’s 2016 Glass Ceiling Report, which found that just 34 percent of all attorneys at U.S. law firms and a mere 22 percent of partners are women.

The survey measured female representation at the partner and non-partner levels and its total number of female attorneys at more than 300 U.S. firms or vereins with a U.S. component. Firms are ranked based on four factors: the percentage of partners, both equity and nonequity, who are women; the percentage of nonpartners who are women; the split between the firm's female partner percentage and female nonpartner percentage; and the number of female attorneys at the firm.

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