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Boston Business Journal Covers Firm’s Associate Development Program

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The Boston Business Journal (BBJ) covered Nutter’s associate development program in “Honing the elevator pitch” on September 21. The article discusses the recent emphasis in the legal industry on developing young lawyers who are not only skilled legal professionals but are also adept at marketing their respective law firm’s services. Teaching the art of the elevator pitch to young associates is now being encouraged in the legal services environment, whereas in the past, rainmaking was left exclusively to law firm partners.

The BBJ quoted Nutter’s director of professional development, Tammie Garner, on how junior associates at Nutter learn to talk about what makes their law firm valuable to clients and to craft an elevator speech. “There’s a shift in the mind-set. People were (once) hesitant to talk about this with associates,” said Tammie. In addition, she notes that the emphasis for first-year lawyers is still on teaching excellent legal skills, but “it’s also critical that they are building relationships and planting seeds that are going to bear fruit down the road.”

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