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David Rubin discusses possible sale of Boston Globe on NECN’s Business Day

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David Rubin, a member of the firm’s Labor, Employment and Benefits practice group, appeared on NECN’s Business Day to discuss the possible sale of The Boston Globe on June 10. The Globe reported that New York Times Co. is looking to unload the money-losing newspaper and has retained Goldman Sachs as the broker. Experts note that while potential buyers would be purchasing a marquee brand and a storied tradition with the Globe, they are also inheriting a National Labor Relations Board fight over the 23 percent Guild pay cut.

David warns the Guild-Globe fight over the wage cut will drag out, and the odds of the Guild getting a quick court ruling blocking next week's 23 percent pay cut are extremely slim. "It probably won't happen in the next few days. If it were ever to happen it would probably be some weeks or months down the line.'' David also says the Guild faces protracted litigation with the Globe over disproving the Globe's contention it reached "an impasse" in labor negotiations and thus had to impose the 23 percent pay cut. "It's a very hard standard. It's a very fact-intensive kind of analysis to determine whether an impasse has been achieved. It's not an easy decision that the NLRB here in Boston can make readily. It takes some time to investigate, to analyze the facts and then almost certainly further review by NLRB staff in Washington.”

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