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Ben Stern Presents on Patent Litigation Strategies and Tactics in The Knowledge Group Webinar

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Ben Stern, a partner in Nutter’s Litigation Department and a member of the firm’s IP Litigation practice group, will present in the Winning Patent Litigation: Essential Strategies and Tactics webinar organized by The Knowledge Group. Ben will delve into the crucial strategies and tactics necessary to navigate the intricate landscape of patent litigation as understanding the nuances is vital for corporations, legal professionals, and innovators seeking to protect their intellectual property rights effectively.

Key issues that will be covered in this course are:

  • Value of early case assessment to understand impact of litigation.
  • Practical tips and strategies at each stage of the “life cycle” of a patent litigation.
  • How to build your case methodically, fact-by-fact and argument-by-argument, so that you have everything you need for dispositive motions, trial, appeal, etc.
  • Importance of involving your experts early in the case and viewing them as partners in developing case (rather than just writing a report and testifying in discrete area).

Event details:
Thursday, April 25, 2024
12-1PM ET

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