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Natalie Choate Presents to Evansville Estate Planning Council

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Natalie Choate, a member of Nutter’s Trusts and Estates Department, will present a four hour seminar to the Evansville Estate Planning Council in Evansville, Indiana on September 12. Natalie will present on a variety of topics during the seminar, including: “Case Studies in Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits,” which will focus on how to integrate retirement benefits into the typical estate plan and what approaches are available for the client whose major asset is an IRA or other retirement plan, as well as the pros, cons, and pitfalls of various approaches; “Charitable Giving with Retirement Benefits” which will focus on helping charitably-inclined clients save money while doing good; and “Death & Taxes: The Inherited Retirement Plan” which will focus on how to advise executors and beneficiaries on estate taxes, disclaimers, rollovers, and cleanup strategies. Natalie will also present “Recent Developments and Current Trends” at the seminar.

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