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Eric Magnuson Presents at the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Webinar ‘Mediation Before Litigation? Yes You Can’

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Eric Magnuson, co-chair of Nutter’s Business Litigation practice group, will speak on a panel about mediation at the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC)’s webinar, “Mediation Before Litigation? Yes You Can.” Eric and the other panelists will outline advanced techniques that will maximize the chances of achieving a mediated settlement that avoids the expense and disruption of litigation altogether, focusing on two very different types of disputes: an employment matter and a complex, multiple party business dispute among disputants with an ongoing business relationship. 

Key messages will include the value of viewing mediation as a three phase process, particularly in the pre-litigation context: robust preparation with your adversary and the mediator, (including detailed definition of possible claims, information-sharing facilitated by the mediator instead of extensive discovery and other practices), the in-person session or sessions, and, if necessary, follow-up based upon a road map created as a result of the preparation and in-person meetings. 

Event details:
Wednesday, February 27, 2019

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