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Patent and Trademark Bulletin for the District of Massachusetts

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Nutter’s Patent and Trademark Bulletin for the District of Massachusetts is a reporter on recent patent and trademark opinions from the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

In the October 2013 issue:

  • Court denies Kohler’s motions to exclude expert testimony and for summary judgment 
  • Judge Zobel sorts out patent ownership issues on summary judgment
  • Philips’ high-level executive will be deposed by Zoll Medical with respect to laches defense 
  • Judge Young affirms interference decision by Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences in patent dispute concerning hand guard rails for firearms 
  • Court grants summary judgment of non-infringement in K-cup patent suit 
  • Court finds it has personal jurisdiction over Taiwanese company based on a stream of commerce theory 
  • Judge Gorton construes patent claims in suit related to the analysis of charged ions through a form of mass spectrometry 
  • Judge Zobel finds no inequitable conduct by Smith & Nephew and refuses to set aside jury verdict of infringement and validity 
  • Court grants temporary restraining order in case involving FiberCUT 
  • Holdover licensee ordered to cease using CURVES marks 
  • Defendants denied motion for summary judgment in trade dress case brought by Bern involving helmets 
  • Judge Stearns concludes Court has personal jurisdiction over defendant based on internet presence 
  • Bear Republic Brewing Co. is awarded attorneys’ fees and costs when Central City Brewing Co. breached settlement agreement

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