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Ken Berman to Present on Witness Preparation at Social Law Library Event

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Ken Berman, a partner and co-chair of the Business Litigation practice group at Nutter, will deliver a presentation based on his ABA best-selling book, Reinventing Witness Preparation: Unlocking the Secrets to Testimonial Success, at a Social Law Library event.

In the first part, Ken will give his engaging TED-style talk: “Why Smart People Give Stupid Testimony,” explaining the perils of the conventional approach to witness preparation and the philosophy underlying the more dynamic and enlightened approach taught in his book.

In the second part, Ken will present another engaging TED-style talk: “Out of the Mouths of Politicians: Making Witnesses Great Again,” distilling important witness preparation lessons from famous statements by presidents and presidential candidates, focusing on the importance of addressing the imagery of a question, how to make an effective denial, how to eliminate testimonial ambiguities and misunderstandings, when to give the best answer, how to answer when recollection is impaired, and the importance of testimonial style in enhancing credibility.

In the third part, Ken will take questions and offer advice on more effective ways to prepare witnesses to eliminate bad answers and deliver answers that actually help their cases.

Event details:
Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Social Law Library
John Adams Courthouse
One Pemberton Square, Suite 4100
Boston, MA 02108

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