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Ken Berman Presents on Persuasion and Credibility in Social Law Webinar

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Ken Berman, a partner and co-chair of the Business Litigation practice group at Nutter, will address transformational approaches to witness preparation and provide tips on establishing credibility and persuading decision-makers in the Persuasion and Credibility Webinar organized by Social Law. Ken is the author of the American Bar Association best-selling book Reinventing Witness Preparation: Unlocking the Secrets to Testimonial Success.

In the first part of the webinar, Ken will present his engaging TED-style talk: “Anatomy of a Cross-Examination Disaster (or Triumph),” showing how easily a crafty cross-examiner can lead a witness, even expert witnesses, into giving terrible answers and how changes in witness preparation can turn the tables in the witness’s favor.

In the second part, Ken will present another engaging TED-style talk: “Persuasion, Credibility, and the Real burden of Proof,” exposing the myth of the neutral adjudicator, revealing why the litigation playing field is seldom level, showing how hidden brainwork silently alters the burden of proof, and teaching what to do to overcome these roadblocks to victory.

In the third part, Ken will take questions and offer advice on any or all of the above.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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