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TC Heartland v. Kraft: Will the Supreme Court Heed Calls to Reform Patent Venue Law?: Insights from Nutter’s Paul Cronin

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03.02.2017 | Legal Update

Paul Cronin, a partner in Nutter’s Litigation and Intellectual Property Departments and a member of the firm’s Intellectual Property Litigation practice group, discussed the ramifications of the upcoming Supreme Court case, TC Heartland v. Kraft, in Nutter Insights. Paul addressed why the technology industry is following this case so closely; how the outcome of TC Heartland v. Kraft could affect various districts that are currently popular to file patent infringement lawsuits; why there are now less cases being filed in one longtime popular forum, the Eastern District of Texas; and what he predicts will happen in terms of patent cases being filed leading up to the Supreme Court decision. According to Paul, the Eastern District of Texas remains on the short list for patent owners because the overall success rate is high. However, the district is cooling off as other patent-friendly venues cut in to its case load. “The party will continue, but it’s no longer a rave,” Paul said. 

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