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Writing for the Huffington Post, Shagha Tousi Evaluates the Legal Ramifications of 'Natural' Food Labeling

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03.24.2016 | Article

Shagha Tousi, a partner in Nutter’s Litigation Department and a member of the firm’s Product Liability and Toxic Tort Litigation practice group, wrote a blog post analyzing the ongoing legislation regarding “natural” food labeling and its impact in the Huffington Post. In the post, “The Legal Ramifications of the ‘Natural’ Food Label Fight and What It Means For You,” Shagha points out that in light of recent legislation voted on by the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee which would limit the labeling of foods made through genetic modification, along with the passage of a similar bill in July 2015 by the House of Representatives, it appears likely that food shoppers will see some changes in the labeling requirements that apply to their food products in 2016, particularly when it comes to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). She notes that a federal remedy on the topic of GMO labeling would simplify and streamline the requirements for food manufacturers because affected companies would no longer have to evaluate individual state statutes across the country and develop labels that comply with multiple statutes at the same time.

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