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Law360 publishes “4 Paths to Faster Patent Prosecution at the USPTO” by Rory Pheiffer

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Rory P. Pheiffer, a member of the Intellectual Property Department, published “4 Paths to Faster Patent Prosecution at the USPTO” in Law360 on October 29. The article discusses programs available at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for quickening patent prosecution.

The programs discussed in the article are open to all patent applicants, provided that certain requirements related to government fees, the number of pending claims, and timely filing are met. The programs discussed in detail include: (1) Track One Prioritized Examination; (2) Accelerated Examination; (3) the Patent Prosecution Highway; and (4) the First Action Interview Pilot Program. In some instances, these programs can be combined together to lead to a faster, cheaper, and more efficient path to building a patent portfolio in the United States, as well as internationally. As noted in the article, the Track One Prioritized Examination program can be particularly useful for startup companies, and when combined with the Patent Prosecution Highway, can be a useful prosecution strategy when faced with making expensive decisions about international patent filings.

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