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The Boston Globe quotes Ron Cahill in “Gillette sues Dollar Shave Club for Patent Infringement”

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Ronald E. Cahill, chair of Nutter’s Intellectual Property Litigation practice group, was quoted by The Boston Globe in “Gillette sues Dollar Shave Club for Patent Infringement” on December 17. The article discusses the recent patent lawsuit filed by Gillette against Dollar Shave Club, which alleges that Dollar Shave Club is using Gillette’s patented formulas to make copycat blades. Gillette decided earlier this year to start its own subscription service to contend with competitors in the online razor market. Dollar Shave Club entered the razor market in 2012 offering razors and blades through an online subscription at prices lower than Gillette’s.

Three of Dollar Shave Club’s products are named in the suit, which alleges that the razors have identical features to the Gillette Fusion as well as a patented formula to coat the razors and improve shave quality. The suit seeks an order that Dollar Shave Club stop using the formulas along with unspecified damages to be decided by a judge.

“They are now the defendant in a patent infringement suit against a very large, very deep-pocketed competitor who is probably not happy with their prices being undercut,” said Ron. “So I wouldn’t expect Gillette to go easy on Dollar Shave Club.” Ron notes that Gillette has an industry reputation for fairness, not frivolousness. “Their reputation is that they are aggressive but not unfair,” he said.

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