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Outgoing USPTO head helped reinvent department’s image

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Boston Business Journal

Konstantin Linnik, a member of the firm’s Intellectual Property and Life Sciences practice groups, was quoted in “Outgoing USPTO head helped reinvent department’s image” in the Boston Business Journal on December 27. The article discusses the strides the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has made under outgoing director David Kappos’ leadership. The agency has encountered much criticism over the past few years, however, Kappos has been credited with reducing the backlog of patent applications significantly and bringing innovation to the agency.

Konstantin, who attended last week’s Boston Patent Law Association’s annual meeting at which Kappos spoke, told Mass High Tech that despite all the criticism, he believes the USPTO has improved significantly under Kappos. “There’s a lot of negative press about patents in general,” he said. “But I think what he’s done has been not as well-known, and the patent system actually works pretty well. Kappos will be sorely missed when he steps down, because he has not only been effective in addressing the department’s traditional shortcomings, but he’s popular with the inventors,” said Linnik. “The reason why many people like him is he’s been reasonable. He travels around and listens to people,” said Linnik. “He’s engaged with the inventor community.”

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