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Shagha Tousi Weighs In on GMO Labeling Law in The Gourmet Retailer

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February/March 2016

Shagha Tousi, a partner in Nutter’s Litigation Department and a member of the firm’s Product Liability and Toxic Tort Litigation practice group, commented on the implications of GMO labeling laws and how regulation would involve change on many levels of the food industry in The Gourmet Retailer. In the article, “Special Report: Healthy Living - An Education,” Shagha, who has been following the federal court case challenging Vermont’s potential GMO labeling law, noted that today’s consumers are particularly health sensitive, especially in the gourmet food market. "Many of these consumers would be disinclined to purchase foods labeled as genetically modified, though the term genetically modified can apply to a practice as simple as cross-breeding different types of potatoes, for instance, to develop a potato breed with optimal taste, shape and coloring,” she said. According to Shagha, while providing more information is good for consumers, there could be other complications with enacting the law, pointing out that labeling requirements could place high quality foods further out of reach for many consumers, and potentially create a barrier to the development of technology that could help get quality food to markets that would otherwise lack such options.

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