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Shagha Tousi Evaluates GMO Labeling in Food Manufacturing

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Shagha Tousi, a partner in Nutter’s Litigation Department and a member of the firm’s Product Liability and Toxic Tort Litigation practice group, participated in a Q&A with Food Manufacturing about GMO legislation. In the article, “Food Manufacturing Q&A: Shagha Tousi Talks GMO Labeling,” Shagha pointed out that manufacturers should keep their eye on legislative action at the state level in 2016, since each new state that enacts mandatory labeling legislation could have implications on other states’ legislation taking effect. She notes that federal legislation, which would expressly preempt various state statutes being proposed and enacted, is expected to have wide-reaching implications, and potentially significant costs, for manufacturers who would need to come into compliance. According to Shagha, while states certainly have an interest in regulating the safety of foods sold to their residents, the realities of the food industry necessarily call upon the federal government’s interest in regulating interstate commerce under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. Moreover, various federal statutes including the Federal Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act already provide for a complex regulatory scheme that governs the production and sale of food products in the U.S.

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