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Science Magazine quotes Konstantin Linnik on stem cell patents

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Konstantin Linnik, a partner in the firm’s Life Sciences practice group, was quoted by Science Magazine in “Historic Patent on Embryonic Stem Cells Faces Scrutiny” on January 24. The article discusses a lawsuit brought before a United States Court by Consumer Watchdog (CW), which aims to invalidate a 2006 patent awarded to biologist James Thomson, who was the first to isolate and culture a population of stem cells from human embryos in 1998, and its potential effect on stem cell science.

Konstantin notes that scientists often like to think they’re not the ones who will be affected by such cases. He points out U.S. courts have been “steadily chipping away at the patentability of biotechnology inventions” and warns that scientists cheering on CW’s challenge could come to regret it as they find it “harder and harder to patent their own inventions.”

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