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Robyn Maguire Successfully Defends Client in Copyright Infringement Case, Reports Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

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Robyn S. Maguire, a partner in Nutter’s Litigation Department, successfully defended client Elisabeth Hasselbeck in a copyright infringement case brought by the author of the book “Living With Celiac Disease.” Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly covered the dismissal of the case and quoted Robyn in the article “Ex-‘View’ co-host Hasselbeck survives copyright suit by author.” Hasselbeck, former “Survivor” contestant and ex-"View" co-host, published two books, “The G Free Diet” and “Deliciously G Free,” which drew lawsuits from Susan Hassett.

Hasselbeck has been public about her struggles with celiac disease which is a hypersensitivity to gluten in the small intestine and can lead to severe digestion problems. Robyn points out that those struggles are a prominent part of each of Hasselbeck’s books. “Clearly, she’s writing from her experience and offering information to other people on the topic,” she said. Robyn notes that had the case gotten past the motion to dismiss stage, she was prepared to show that not only had Hasselbeck written from personal experience, she also had never laid eyes on Hassett’s book.

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