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Konstantin Linnik presents on developing unique IP in cancer immunotherapy at Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s “PepTalk 2016: The Protein Science Week”

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Konstantin Linnik, Ph.D., a partner in the firm's Intellectual Property Department and a member of the Life Sciences practice group, will present “Intellectual Property Review of Major Immunotherapy Targets: Non-Composition of Matter Approaches to Developing Unique IP in Cancer Immunotherapy” at Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s “PepTalk 2016: The Protein Science Week” on January 18. Konstantin’s presentation is featured in the event’s “Pipeline 2: Antibody Therapeutics” section, which includes the conference “Next-Generation Cancer Immunotherapies-New Targets and Pathways, Immunotherapy Combinations, Translational Strategies and Intellectual Property Updates to Support Entry into the Surging Cancer Immunotherapy Space.” The weeklong Antibody Therapeutics pipeline reveals R&D strategies, clinical results and efficacy data for these promising molecules and the “Next-Generation Cancer Immunotherapies” conference offers presentations of innovative approaches to checkpoint inhibition, protein engineering strategies to improve the efficacy of immunotherapies, the application of bispecific antibody platform to immunotherapy target pairs, and ideas for approaching the development of novel IP in this crowded space.

Konstantin’s presentation will focus on how immunoncology IP is crowded and the number of drugs in R&D far exceeds the number of targets. He will discuss why navigating the IP around major targets is critical and what the patenting approaches are that allow entry into this crowded IP space, while preserving the broadest scope of protection.

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