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Konstantin Linnik Presents at CHI’s Fourth Annual Advances in Prenatal Molecular Diagnostics

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Konstantin Linnik, Ph.D., a partner in Nutter’s Intellectual Property Department and a member of the firm’s Life Sciences practice group, will present at Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s (CHI) Fourth Annual Advances in Prenatal Molecular Diagnostics conference on November 30. Konstantin will present “IP Issues in the Cell-Free DNA Testing Space.” He will focus on how three recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions (Mayo, Myriad, and Alice) have produced a landslide change in IP protection for diagnostics. As a result, patent applicants and patent holders have been battled at the U.S. Patent Office and the U.S. courts and many players are forced out of patent protection altogether. Konstantin will discuss the currently pending case Ariosa v. Sequenom which is seminal in attempting to re-dress the issues: the current state of IP protection in the U.S. and abroad for diagnostics, the substance of the Ariosa v. Sequenom case and how it relates to prior Supreme Court decisions, industry position, and potential future developments and practical approaches.

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