Rory P. Pheiffer Now Serving as President of the Boston Patent Law Association

Rory P. Pheiffer, a partner in Nutter’s Intellectual Property (IP) Department, has begun his term as President of the Boston Patent Law Association (BPLA), one of the oldest, continuously active IP-based law associations in the country. Founded in 1924, the BPLA is a nonprofit association that includes more than one thousand IP professionals across New England. The BPLA is dedicated to provide educational programs and a forum for the interchange of ideas and information concerning patent, trademark, and copyright laws. Rory has served on the BPLA Board of Governors for the past six years, including in the roles of Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, and President-Elect. He has also served as co-chair of both the BPLA’s New Lawyers and Law Students Committee and the BPLA’s Invented Here! Committee.

During the upcoming year, Rory will continue the top-notch programming the BPLA delivers, while collaborating with other Bar associations and entrepreneurial groups to better coordinate their efforts for the greater good of the entire IP community in the New England area. For example, Rory plans to rely on his strong ties to the Boston Bar Association through his involvement in the BBA’s Public Interest Leadership Program to better synchronize the efforts of the BBA’s IP Law Section and the BPLA’s 26 committees.

“One of my priorities will be to listen to members to learn what great ideas they may have to advance the BPLA’s mission,” said Rory. “I encourage any member, as well as any person who is interested in becoming a member or engaging with BPLA members, to contact me to discuss how we can help make their ideas become realities.”

In this most recent year as President-Elect, Rory oversaw each of the BPLA’s committees, ensuring each committee provided quality and useful meetings, programs, and events for the BPLA membership in furtherance of the BPLA’s educational and discourse goals. To that end, the BPLA had one of its most active years in its 93-year history, hosting, on average, more than one event or meeting per week (62 in total) and filing four amicus briefs—two each at the Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

This continues a trend of tangible differences Rory has made while serving on the Board of Governors. As Vice President, Rory spearheaded the digital transformation of the BPLA newsletter; as Treasurer, he initiated the use of low-risk investment tools so the association was able to earn interest on money where it previously earned none; as director of the Writing Competition, he worked tirelessly with deans and professors at law schools situated in the First Circuit to encourage the submission of entries by their law students, resulting in receiving one of the highest number of entries to date—17; as co-chair of the Invented Here! Committee from 2010 – 2016, he helped re-establish the event as a cornerstone of New England’s innovation community by recognizing 61 inventions and more than 260 inventors to date for their ingenuity and inventiveness.

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