Nutter attorney authors guest post “Who Owns Your Brain According to the Contract You Signed” on MassBioHQ blog

The blog post discusses how legal provisions, such as a simple confidentiality agreement, a consulting agreement or a multi-billion dollar license, are often a source of misunderstanding, confusion and frustration.

In the post, Konstantin Linnik, who serves as co-chair of the Legal & Regulatory Working Group at MassBio, relays the story of Dr. Joseph Grocela, a urologist at Massachusetts General Hospital who also moonlighted as a medical device entrepreneur, and details how misunderstanding a basic legal provision in an employment contract may lead to dashed dreams and a lengthy legal dispute.

He points out that the lesson is to always read and understand any agreement, even if it’s not called a contract, and seek legal help to understand implications when in doubt.

To read the MassBioHQ blog post, click here.

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