Justice & Clerk Information

BLS-1 Justices & Clerk

Justice Mitchell Kaplan (January – June)

Justice Brian Davis (July – December)

Margaret Buckley, Assistant Clerk (Tel: 617-788-8181)

BLS-2 Justices & Clerk

Justice Kenneth Salinger (January –June)

Justice Janet Sanders (July – December)

Richard Muscato, Assistant Clerk (Tel: 617-788-8152)

Former BLS Justices

Current Superior Court Justices Edward P. Leibensperger, Thomas P. Billings, Peter M. Lauriat, Christine M. Roach, and Chief Justice Judith Fabricant

Retired Superior Court Justices E. Susan Garsh, Margaret R. Hinkle, Stephen E. Neel, and Allan van Gestel

Retired Associate Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court Margot Botsford

Current Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court Ralph D. Gants

Former Chief Justices of the Superior Court Suzanne V. DelVecchio and Barbara J. Rouse were instrumental in creating and overseeing the BLS.

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