BLS April 2022 Detailed 42-Page Practice Guide
BLS April 2022 Detailed 42-Page Practice Guide

In conjunction with the Massachusetts Bar Association, the current BLS judges prepared personalized responses to practice-related questions. Those questions and answers were then turned into a practice guide, which you can link to here. The guide, presented in question-and-answer format, has a wealth of information on topics of interest to practitioners and clients alike.

The topics include:

  • relevant factors considered in deciding whether to accept a case into the BLS;
  • preparation for and participation in conferences, including Rule 16 case management conferences and pretrial conferences;
  • differences between motions to seal and motions to impound and how such motions are decided;
  • the level of detail required of expert disclosures;
  • considerations in deciding the need for expert depositions;
  • gut reactions to motions for leave to file memoranda in excess of the specified page lengths;
  • willingness to stay discovery during the pendency of a motion to dismiss;
  • appropriate timing for filing of Daubert-Lanigan motions;
  • preferred practices for parties seeking preliminary injunctions or other preliminary relief;
  • trial scheduling and related considerations; and
  • modern tools to engage and assist jurors.

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