Nutter’s BLS Blog focuses on the Business Litigation Session of the Massachusetts Superior Court. Our primary aim is to highlight developments in BLS caselaw. To that end, we review every decision that the BLS makes available to the Social Law Library. We keep an eye out for BLS decisions that break new legal ground, clarify Massachusetts law (at the trial-court level), or otherwise merit attention.

Once we blog about a case, we track any subsequent appellate treatment. If anything significant happens on appeal, we will update our original post.

Besides tracking caselaw, we blog about procedural developments, judicial assignments, and other matters of significance in the BLS.

The Editors’ Picks section aggregates links to litigation news and articles about matters beyond the BLS. Our goal there is to highlight materials that catch our interest. Nothing more, nothing less.

We also provide a Decisions Catalog, which provides (in spreadsheet format) limited information about all BLS decisions published by the Social Law Library since January 2014. More specifically, the catalog provides the following information: date of decision, party names, judge, civil-action number, and (in many instances) additional procedural information. Our blog posts, in contrast, analyze a subset of the decisions found in the catalog. To access the Decisions Catalog, click here.

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