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Law Students

Welcome to Nutter – a law firm that combines exceptional legal expertise with extraordinary dedication. When you walk our halls, when you hear the conversations, when you see the work that’s being done, it’s clear we share a remarkable sense of purpose and set of values that result in doing right by our clients at every turn. And when you join us as a summer associate, you will become part of this unique culture – working on substantive assignments with collaborative, insightful Nutter teams to deliver smart solutions to clients. It’s why Nutter ranked #1 nationally six times in The American Lawyer’s Survey of Associate Satisfaction and why many of our summer associates embark on decades-long careers at the firm.

Five summer associates will participate in Nutter’s 2017 summer program, dividing the summer between two departments.

During the summer, we provide training and feedback in a number of ways, and each summer associate is assigned a Partner mentor, two Associate mentors, and a Hiring Committee mentor. Formal reviews are given midway through the program as well as at the end.

Summer associates are provided opportunities and encouraged to attend trials, depositions, closings, and negotiation sessions. In addition, summer associates take the lead in a pro bono program representing claimants at unemployment benefit hearings at the Massachusetts Division of Unemployment Assistance program.

Nutter plans a number of activities designed to acquaint the summer associates with their colleagues and life in Boston, including weekly lunches, sporting events, cultural activities, and informal social gatherings.

Welcome to Nutter and the beginning of your legal career.

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